For 3 years we have been working with both French and Spanish breeds of rabbits. This relationship has helped us to produce the best rabbit to suit conditions in Chile.

We have worked for 3 years to create cages made in Chile to promote both the wellness of our rabbits and increase work practice efficiency.

To improve our practice we created 2 types of cages:

Home made hanging cages

Hanging cages are produced for people developing a rabbit farm. Home made

Cages for 2 females with nests, 2 cages for fattening and 1 cage for male

Rabbits are fattened next to their mothers to allow less stress and less disease.

The hanging system allows for better cleaning includes an automatic drinking system.  

Home made polyvalent cages

Each cage is galvanised for 10 rabbits

The polyvalent structure allows for nesting and fattening

Removable inserts.

Includes an automatic drinking system

Designed to maximise healthy rabbits and efficient management of the environment